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Saturday, October 31, 2009

grand~pappy was a coal-miner (pt.2)


ran across this article on 'one' of the coal companies my grandfather worked in...


In 1920, K U Megurie and Karl Jungbluth of Louisville leased coal rights from Fred Beshear and C B Hall and formed the Dawson Daylight Coal Company. They hired W J Borries, mining engineer, to come to Hopkins County and survey the area in 1921.

The company began stripping operations in 1923.5 This stripping was conducted in the Kentucky number 4 coalbed, incorrectly correlated as the Kentucky number 6. This author has a copy of the map prepared by W J Borries before mining began and a copy of a map prepared by Mr Borries in 1934, which shows the stripping areas were in the number 4 coalbed.


Author’s photo, Bucyrus 225-B being erected

Information on equipment was not available but an examination of photographs indicates that a Bucyrus 225-B steam shovel may have been used to remove the overburden. This machine had an 80-foot boom with a 6 cubic-yard bucket and could handle up to 40 feet of overburden.


Author’s photo, Pit scene showing Bucyrus 225-B at work

The company also had several small underground mines that started producing coal in 1925 so it was impossible to separate the tonnage mined. However, in 1924 the Daylight Mine produced 66,682 tons of coal with 51 miners working 96 days.


Author’s photo, Daylight’s first tipple (wood-1920s)

The Daylight Mine was located on Lick Creek just north of Charleston and east of KY 109. The stripping operation closed in 1928.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Junk GYpsies

Oh...I am sooooo making this this winter!!!
photo from junk gypsy

Saturday, October 3, 2009