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Saturday, November 7, 2009

sudsy...sudsy ☮

enchanted empowerment soap
thyme, rosemary, lavender {all organic & from our garden} ~ rose petals {from my favorite garden} & cedar {from our backyard} ~ a splash of olive oil for good measures...

a whole Irish oatmeal bottom on each bar

very much a craft I will be doing again! so many more ideas : tomato leaves, moss, bramble berries, honey .... once you get the hang of it~the possibilities are endless!

❀ devouring the solar food dyer ~ by eden fodor
✼ rooting rose cuttings ☺ hopefully order tomato and pepper seeds!!!!!!
❃ maybe hang our Spanish balconies

{ all while making a full recovery from this dreaded cold }

1 comment:

  1. very fun!I made soap once... it was quite the process. fun... but tricky lol. :)

    love your combo!