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Monday, December 7, 2009

paper. once, twice, 3,4,5 times maybe.

{reading material}

{newspaper yarn}

{tiny paper buildings ~ sweet story}

upcycled..recycled..what the heck is the difference???

{I asked word spy, and this what she told me.}

upcycled ~ a process that takes used or *already* recycled materials and creates a new product with a higher quality or value than the original materials.

recycled ~ current recycling is actually what we call downcycling—reducing the quality of a material over several lifecycles until it is no longer useful.

♲ ...notice how after you look at either word long enough they really look funny and incorrect.
after making the catalog trees, i was inspired to continue my paper 'cycling' activities. i quickly found these beautiful examples!

each photo is linked to the original site ~ just click!

{paper city}

:::what else:::

a few books.
Vastu in 10 Simple Lessons. Bilkis Whelan
Life Magic. Susan Bowes
Daily OM. Madisyn Taylor

pandora station.
Boozoo Bajou

embark upon the journey.

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