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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6 days into a magical year...

I can't even believe what a wonderful holiday season just flew past! Whew!!!

My theme for this grand new year is:::

intentions + love + harmony + union + focus + concentration + imagination

I've given these words much thought and decided that just about anything life tosses your way can be summed up in them. For example ~

intentions ~ once you make your mind up, you loose any self doubt and self trust issues that kept you back. I know this because I spent three years trying HARD to loose my fear of heights so my husband and I could enjoy all the beautiful places that he takes me without spending hours shaking and in tears. I woke up one day, announced to myself that this was the day we were going to go high and not be afraid! IT WORKED! Not just worked, but like a charm! My intention was to transform the fear into the love that surrounded me in nature and feel all the universe as it comforted me.

love ~ love the things you fear. Send out love to those who rub you the wrong way, you will quickly see them in a new light....a light that helps you love and understand them as the person they are, not the person they are to you. Love nature. Love yourself. Turn your fears into LOVE!

harmony ~ not everything is positive, but when you can balance the negative with the positive, harmony comes shining through. I find this word helps me in situations I would rather not be in by turning my focus to the present....find the flow of the situation, study it and feel what's there for you.

union ~ union of the soul, union of your life and your soul mates life, union in nature. We are all bound together here on this one earth.

focus ~ ahhh, a tough one for me. I am finding however, that focus means more than your attention. It means really grasping every little thing about whatever situation you are presently in. Focus on the NOW, what is happening right NOW. This one works well with HARMONY and LOVE. Does take a bit of practice to stay in the moment!

concentration ~ I am using this word to follow through with what is important to me, my husband, our life together and where it will take us. Concentrating on the big picture. What do we need to do to get to where we want be? Again, this one is much the friend of FOCUS and INTENTIONS and UNION and of all LOVE.

imagination ~ I just have to keep this guy under constant watch and in reality with all of the above! Staying real!
I trust my inner being to lead me on the right path.
I am committed to what I truly desire.
I now create inner peace and transformation.
I trust the universe and know that it works perfectly!

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